Pontysgawrhyd Mill

Aerial view from the south

The present mill building was built in 1810 on a previous 16th century mill site on the River Vyrnwy, six miles north of Welshpool.

Only half of the original mill building is still standing today. It was built as a double mill under one roof but half of the building collapsed in 1847 after an earlier disastrous fire. The internal waterwheel is undershot, and mostly of wood with iron rims. A large cast iron pit wheel drove a wallower on a vertical wooden shaft. The cast iron spur wheel with wooden cogs drove two pairs of millstones. A large cast iron crown wheel drove a threshing machine, flour dresser and sack hoist.

Although re-roofed and dry, the mill still needs considerable restoration.


North Elevation

Remains of Internal Machinery

The Mill is not normally open to the public but visitors are welcome by phoning in advance – 01938 500827