Melin Daron

Aberdaron, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 8BE

We are a community-based organisation (Melin Daron cyf) focussed on restoring and developing Aberdaron’s historic water mill.

It is intended to restore Melin Daron to a working mill after many years of neglect to form the focal point of a community inspired development.  Melin Daron is a Grade II listed building (CADW ref.19992) as “a substantial village corn-mill of vernacular type, and, despite the loss of the wheel, still retaining character as a rural industrial building.  

A mill has been on this site since 1252, it is thought that Melin Daron in its current from dates from 1860.  In more recent times several grand plans have been proposed to re-develop the Mill and adjacent buildings but none came to fruition.


Our 2020 plans are simpler – to restore just the Mill building for educational, community and tourism benefits.  Our vision is for schoolchildren to grind locally grown corn into flour and bake bread in the adjacent Islwyn Bakeri the same day and for visitors to share this experience. 

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