Melin Index


Melin 1 (1985):

The Tall Tower Mills of Glamorgan  (p3-20)

Jane Roberts

Darganfod Lleoliad Melin Enwog  (p21-24)

Eurwyn Wiliam

Llynon Mill, Llanddeusant, Anglesey (p25-32)

G  Stead

British Burrstones, 1799-1821  (p33-47)

Owen Ward

Mills of the Lugg Valley in Radnorshire    (p48-66)

Gordon Tucker

N.B. Melin 1 was not paginated but for ease of reference, page numbers are given as if it had been.

Melin 2 (1986):

The Water-wheels of St Nicholas  (p2-4)

Stephen Harries

Melin Cochwillana’r Melinydd Olaf   (p5-7)

Mrs A R Jones

The Windmills of Glamorgan   (p8-26)

Jane J F Roberts

The Corn mills of Llyn in the Fourteenth Century     (p27-31)

Eurwyn Wiliam

The Windmills of Pembrokeshire   (p32-53

Gerallt D Nash

Melin 3 (1987):

An Anglesey Fulling Mill of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries  (p3-10)

Andrew Davidson

Vitruvian Mills in Cardiganshire   (p11-20)

J. Parkinson

The Water Mills of Breconshire  (p21-42)

Dr. Elwyn Bowen

Landore: a Study of the Use of Water Power during the Industrial Revolution  (p43-59)

Stephen Hughes

Melin 4 (1988):

The Mills of Mawr Community   (p2-8)

Ioan Merritt Richard

The Windmills of Gwent   (p9-22)

Jane J F Roberts

Aspects of the Use of Water Power during the Industrial Revolution  (p23-37)

Stephen Hughes

Bara Ceirch – y Bwyda’rCrefft   (p38-57)

Minwel S Tibbott

The ‘Mill’ at Beaumaris Castle   (p58-61)

Tony Parkinson

Melin 5 (1989):

Watermills of Radnorshire   (p3-77)

Gordon Tucker

Melin 6 (1990):

Clover and Clover Mills  (p3-10)

Gerallt D. Nash

Notes on the Welsh Miller’s Terminology   (p11-14)

David H. Jones

Welsh Millstones, 1990   (p15-40)

Owen Ward

A Quarry Rediscovered   (p41-42)

A. Malaws

Mills in Cardiganshire, Part 1   (p43-68)

J. Parkinson

Melin 7 (1991):

The Watermills of the Gower Peninsula   (p2-18)

S. Taylor

Waterpower on Every Farm   (p19-26)

The Editor & Richard A. Edwards

Listing – what it means and how it affect my mill   (p27-38)

J. Parkinson

Mills in Cardiganshire, Part II   (p39-77)

J. Parkinson

Melin 8 (1992):

Windmill, Halkyn, Clwyd   (p3-8)

Bryn Ellis

The Development of Aberarth Mill   (p9-28)

E. Davis

Felinhen: The Story of a Cardiganshire Water Mill   (p29-36)

Jill Barber

Felinhen: Archaeological Notes   (p37-38)

Simon Hughes

Melin 9 (1993):

Melinau’rWladfa: the Mills of the Welsh Colony in Patagonia, South Argentina   (p3-20)

Fernando Williams

Aberdulais Falls: A Site for Innovation   (p21-29)

Bryan S. Taylor

Supplementary notes on the Watermills of Radnorshire   (p30-61)

G.W. Ridyard

Cardiganshire Mills: Additional Notes on the Mills of the River Cwerchyr   (p62-74)

John Williams-Davies

Melin 10 (1994):

Supplementary notes on the Watermills of Radnorshire (Part II)   (p2-39)

G W Ridyard

Mills in Patagonia – Addenda   (p40-42)

Gerallt D Nash

The Corn Mills of Caerphilly and the Surrounding District   (p43-73)

Glyndwr G Jones

Melin 11 (1995):

Prendergast Mills, Haverfordwest   (p2-7)

J. Parkinson

Balancing Burrstones   (p8-19)

Owen Ward

Robert Clatworthy, Trebanog Mill and Evan Bevan   (p20-26)

Anna & Theo Brueton

Supplementary notes on the Watermills of Radnorshire (Part III)   (p27-52)

G.W. Ridyard

Melin 12 (1996):

The Gunpowder Mills at TyddynGwladys, near Dolgellau  (p2-25)

Alan and Glenys Crocker

The Rotary Quern in Wales: part one   (p26-35)

Sue Watts

The Corn Mills of Caerphilly and Surrounding District – part II   (p36-53)

Glyndwr G. Jones

Mills in Patagonia – addenda II     (p54)

Melin 13 (1997):

The watermills of the Lordship of Gower   (p2-20)

Bryan S Taylor

The corn mills of Caerphilly and the surrounding district part III   (p21-46)

Glyndwr G Jones

The rotary quern in Wales: part two   (p47-54)

Sue Watts

Supplementary notes on the water mills of Radnorshire – part IV   (p55-87)


Melin 14 (1998):

Mills in the Chubut Valley, Patagonia   (p2-14)

Fernando Williams

Supplementary notes on the water mills of Radnorshire – part V   (p15-50)


Mills of the upper Ystwyth valley   (p51-69)

Jennifer Macve

MelinPentre, Cwmystwyth   (p70-81)

John & Francesca McLaren

A note on Candy Mill, Aberwheeler, Denbighshire   (p82-83)

Gerallt Nash

Book review (Watermill: life-story of a Welsh Cornmill, D. Davies)   (p84-87)

Tony Parkinson

Melin 15 (1999):

Mills in song   (p3-15)

Emma Lile

A proposed horizontal or Norse mill site at Darren Ddu, Mynydd Llangynidr, Powys   (p16-24)

Neil Phillips                                                                                       

Melinau Cymru yn malue to   (p25-30)

Peter Barton

Supplementary notes on the water mills of Radnorshire – part VI   (p31-69)


Mills of the Bwrlais Brook, Gower   (p70-74)

Bryan Taylor

Restoration of the wheel at Cwmduad Mill, Carmarthenshire   (p75-86)

John Brown

Melin 16 (2000):

Mills on the River Alyn   (p3-22)

Vic Cleveley

The Black Book of St Davids   (p23-27)

Geoff Ridyard

Tidal Mills on Anglesey   (p28-50)

Andrew Davidson

Melin 17 (2001):

Water mills of the Rhondda   (p3-25)

Christopher Edwards

Glossary of Milling Terms   (p26-29)

Geoff Ridyard

Power in the Vale of Teifi: a local history of water power   (p30-74)

Robert F. Jones

Melin Llynon, Llynon Hall, Llanddeusant, Anglesey   (p75-78)

Michael Hall

Melin 18 (2002):

The Ecclesiastical and Demesne Mills of Gower –a Fourteenth Century Perspective   (p2-13)

Jonathan Kissock                                                                              

Pontdolgoch Sawmill, Caersws, Powys   (p14-24)

P. G. Barton                                                                                    

Maes y Coed Mill, Afonwen, Flintshire   (p25-30)

Pat Frost                                                                                         

Cenarth’s Seventeenth Century Mill   (p31-38)

T. H. Lloyd                                                                                     

Book Review   (p39-40)

Jonathan Kissock                                                                               

Melin 19 (2003):

Gorse and Gorse Mills in Wales       (p3-42)

Gerallt D. Nash

Ty Felin, Llansannan     (p43-52)

Peter and Helen Muckle

Supplementary Notes on the Water Mills of Radnorshire –Part VII      (p53-73)

G.W. Ridyard

Melin 20 (2004):

Felin Arw      (p3-12)

C. T. Davies

The old mills of the parish of Ffestiniog: Part 1    (p13-28)

Steffan ab Owain

Gorse and gorse mills in Wales: Part 2       (p29-36)

Gerallt D. Nash

The Silurian Mills, Knighton      (p37-52)

G.W. Ridyard

The far-flung Rhawlech      (p53-98)

David H. Jones

Melin 21 (2005):

Presidential Address      (p3-8)

Dr EurwynWiliam

The demesne watermills of Gower in the fourteenth century: a reappraisal      (p9-36)

David Leighton

Mills in the Gwrhyd     (p37-52)

Bryan Taylor

Supplementary notes on the water mills of Radnorshire: Part VIII     (p53-60)

G.W. Ridyard

The waterwheel at the Silurian Mills, Knighton     (p61-68)

Tim Booth

Water power in the Gwynedd slate industry      (p69-84)

David Gwyn

The old mills of the parish of Ffestiniog: Part 2     (p85-98)

Steffan ab Owain

Melin 22 (2006):

The windmills of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire      (p3-26)

Gerallt D. Nash

Anglesey watermills, then and now: Part 1       (p27-52)

John Crompton

The old mills of the parish of Ffestiniog: Part 3      (p53-73)

Steffan ab Owain

Melin 23 (2007):

Scarlet – a red to dye for      (p3-26)

Brian H. Davies

William Hazledine, Miller, Millwright, Iron founder and Entrepreneur      (p27-46)

P.G. Barton

An Introduction to Cider Making in Wales      (p47-62)

Gareth Beech

Just add water       (p63-71)

Tim Chilton

Melin 24 (2008):

Anglesey watermills, then and now: part 2       (p3-46)

John Crompton

Some recollections of a Welsh miller’s son       (p47-56)

Kenneth Oliver Lloyd

Guano and a nineteenth century enterprise      (p57-68)

Owen Ward

The statutory protection of watermills          (p69-76)

Peter White 

The watermills of Llanelli and the surrounding area: part 1         (p77-84)

John Williams and Dafydd Jenkins

The farm wheel at Ffynnon-ofi     (p85-91

John and Jo Peck

Melin 25 (2009):

The mills of Rhyd-y-fro, Glamorgan       (p3-22)

Keri Thomas

Excavation of the leat of a probable medieval fulling mill at Cwmbarry, Glamorgan       (p23-26)

Howard J. Thomas

Waterpower on every farm: Edwards of Llanuwchllyn, millwright and hydro-electrical engineer      (p27-36)

Gwynfor Williams

The watermills of Llanelli and the surrounding area: part 2        (p37-44)

John Williams and Dafydd Jenkins

Pond restoration – a personal account         (p45-56)

John Peck and Jo Reid                                                               

An index to Melin   (p57-95)

Hilary Malaws

Melin 26 (2010):

The watermills of Llanelli and the surrounding area: part 3       (p3-9)

John Williams and Dafydd Jenkins

Rhydcymerau Corn Mill, Carmarthenshire      (p10-17)

Owen Ward

Rex Wailes in Anglesey       (p18-49)

John Crompton

Melin 27 (2011):

A Brief History of Little Mill, Llanfythin       (p3-26)

John M Cann

Llanfythin Mill – The Remaining Machinery       (p27-44)

Alan Stoyel

Millstones          (p45-64)

Bryan Corcoran

The Watermills of Montgomeryshire       (p65-95)

David H Jones

Melin 28 (2012):

Restoration of the Wire Machine at FelinGanol, Llanrhystud       (p3-14)

Andy and Anne Parry

Workshop at Pontdolgoch Sawmill        (p15-24)

Tim Chilton

Tim Hughes, the Mill-wright of Llanllwni        (p25-30)

Gareth Jones

Anglesey Mills in 1943         (p31-45)

John Crompton

Melin 29 (2013):

The Welsh Mills Society: looking back over the last (or first) 30 years – a personal view       (p3-18)

Gerallt D. Nash

Corn Mills of Penrhyn Llŷn      (p19-50)

John Crompton

Dinas Sawmill         (p51-88)

John Peck

The Mills on the Ceiriog – A Long Tradition       (p89-127)

John William Davies edited by Gerallt D. Nash

Melin 30 (2014):

Felin Broyan & the Mystery of the Improved MillStone Staff    (p3-20)

John Peck    

Replacing millstones at Felin Ganol 2009-2010    (p21-30)

Andrew Parry

The Machine of Perpetual Motion in North-West Wales    (p31-36)

David Gwyn                                                                               

Oatmeal and oatcakes   (p37-66)

Minwel Tibbott

Early tourists in Wales:  18th & 19th century tourists’ comments about Wales   (p67-98)

Michael Freeman   

Millwright estimates for repairs at Buckholt Mill, Dixton, Monmouthshire       (p99-100)

Melin 31 (2015):

Report on a Survey of the Welsh Textile  Industry     (p5-105)

William P Crankshaw   

Melin 32 (2016):

Mills on the Upper Alun     (p3-40)

Peter Evans

Under the bridge: in search of two mills.   Modern and historic stories about life in Bancyfelin and beyond   (p41-86)

Bruce Paul Wallace

Recollections and ruminations    (p87-100)

David Ll Davies   

Melin 33(2017):

A North Cardiganshire Woollen Yarn Factory      (p5-32)

Iorwerth C Peate            

The early history and development of the woollen industry in Wales   (p33-44)

M J Jones    

The Welsh woollen textile industry   (p45-58)

O W Lipton

Excerpts from ‘The Welsh Woollen Industry’

Chapter 6   The Welsh woollen industry to-day       (p59-64)

Chapter 7  Woollen manufacturers in Wales            (p65-68)

The manufacture of woollen cloth     (p69-84)

J G Martindale                                                                             69

Melin 34(2018):

CynhyrchutrydanynLlanuwchllyn 1910 – 2018/Power-generation in Llanuwchllyn 1910 – 2018    (p3-22)

Huw Antur Edwards    

An archaeological survey of the remains of water mills and associated features on the River Honddu in South Powys   (p23-50)

Clementine Lovell

Coed Trewernau mill: the history and people   (p51-84)

Melanie Walters   

Coed Trewernau mill: the working parts   (p85-104)

Alan Stoyel 

Melin 35(2019):

Mill-related occupations in Wales: evidence from 19th century census returns        (p3-18)

Gerallt D. Nash

A Mill on the Monnow: Ruthlin – Cornmill to Papermill         (p19-48)

Philip Vaughan

Cardigan Foundries       (p49-80)

John Peck

Restoration of the grain cleaner at Felinganol Watermill Llanrhystud, Spring 2016     (p81-92)

Andy Parry

A Roman Donkey Mill from the Clyro       (p93-98)

Evan M. Chapman

Melin 36 (2020):

Mathern mill:  machinery    (p3-20)

David Bowen

Mathern mill: its tenants & millers    (p21-34)

Janet Bowen

The story of Blackpool Mill     (p35-44)

Sir Francis Dashwood

As far as the tide flows:  A Description of Blackpool Mill and district on the Eastern Cleddau      (p45-84)

W G Pike

‘Nid yw’r felin heno’n  malu’: The lost watermills of the Upper Clwyd   (p85- )

Arnold Hughes

Melin 37 (2021)

Ritual Protection Marks within Welsh Mills   (p3-22)

Dafydd Wiliam                                                       

The Mills of Mounton Brook: How Industrial Was My Valley. (p23-30)

Ivor Cavill                                                                      

How The Decline of the Welsh Woollen Industry affected Rural Mills:  A Case Study of Cellan Factory. (p31-48)

Deborah Mercer                                                  

Melinau Llŷn: Rhan 1 (The Mills of Llŷn: Part 1).  (p49- 107)

Glyn Roberts                                                            

Melin 38 (2022)

‘Cymru Fu, Cymru Fydd’ – The History of the Caernarfon and Pwllheli Blankets (p3-18)

Glyn Roberts                                                               

Melin Tan y Bwlch. (p19-26)

Peter Crew and Angela Green                                  

Melinau Gwynt Llŷn/ The Windmills of Llŷn. (p27-102)

Glyn Roberts                                                      

How Cellan Factory became Glanffrwd Mill  (p103-120)

Deborah Mercer                                          

Llanarmon Mill: Addendum To The Mills On The River Alun, Melin 32.  (p121-132)

Gareth Beech     

Melin 39 (2023

Saints and Millers (p3-32)

Gerallt D. Nash                                                                      

Restoration of the waterwheel at Felin Ganol, Llanrhystud 2023 (p33-40)

Andy Parry                                                                             

Records of mills used by the Evans family of Highmead Cardiganshire, 1771-1807 (p41-76)

Michael Freeman                                                                      

Woollen mills in Wales (p77-120)

Transcribed and edited by Hilary Malaws and Deborah Mercer