Carew Tidal Mill

Carew Tide Mill news:

Please note that Carew causeway will be closed for essential maintenance for a number of weeks from Monday 22 February onwards.  Although at present we are not allowed to travel due to covid it is possible this restriction will be lifted before the maintenance work is complete so it may not be feasible to celebrate by walking to the tide mill just yet.

Carew Castle, Nr. Tenby, Pembs, SA70 8SL.

Carew Tidal Mill is the only restored tidal mill in Wales and one of just five in the UK. 

The first mill was built to serve the medieval castle, to ensure a supply of meal and flour for the castle inhabitants and soldiers garrisoned there. Documentary evidence exists which shows a mill on this spot as early as 1542. Seventy years later Sir John Carew restored the causeway walls and sluice gates. The present building dates from the early 19th century and an inscription on the north wheel shows a date of 1801. The Mill, known locally as the ‘French Mill’, possibly because the grinding stones were imported from France, was last used for milling in around 1937.

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority acquired the lease of the Mill in 1984. Today it has another life; visitors can enjoy seeing the machinery and grinding stones, listen to the noise of the water and hear the story of how the Mill operated. Flour is no longer produced, but the Mill and pond abound with wildlife; many species of birds and bats, otters, crabs and the famous lagoon worm have taken up residence and all benefit from conservation work and management by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

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