Listed windmills in Wales

Listed Windmills in Wales map

Listed Windmills in Wales


Welsh windmills have received rather less attention than those in some parts of England, with the exception of Ynys Mon (Anglesey). Rex Wailes visited the island at Easter 1929 and recorded 35 windmills; four of them have since been demolished, and 25 are now protected by Listing. Felin Llynon, at Llanddeusant, was restored in the 1980s and is Wales’ only working windmill.

Elsewhere there are remains of simple, cylindrical towers on the Llyn and Pembrokeshire peninsulas and in the Vale of Glamorgan, and some taller towers in the Vale. Llancayo Mill, near Usk on Monmouthshire, has been restored as holiday accommodation, with a fantail and gallery reminiscent of Lincolnshire windmills.

There are 41 Listed windmills in Wales, 25 of them in Ynys Mon. Click on the link to find a list, arranged by the Local Authority areas in with they stand. Column 3 gives the Cadw reference number, column 4 the National Grid Reference, Column 7 the date(s) of listing, and Column 8 gives the Royal Commission’s NPRN line database,