Our activities

WMS Mucky Mills Gang

The Gang aims to give practical encouragement to mill owners by turning out for sessions helping with restoration and maintenance work. If you are interested in joining the gang or know of a suitable project, please contact Andrew Findon by phone:  01974 251231 or email  melinau cymru @ gmail.com (please remove the spaces to use this email address).

Our Millers’ Forum

The Mill owners’ forum, convened by Andrew Findon, addresses topics  of mutual interest to millers –  grants, income generation, hydro systems and  feed in tariffs,  pond restoration, insurance,  mill history research, hygiene, waterwheel corrosion control and myriad other subjects. The Forum Newsletter is circulated to the members, but is  available to all WMS members on request (contact AF – see above).

Recording mills for the Royal Commission database, coflein.gov.uk

Members are encouraged to make descriptive and photographic records of mills, and to contribute them to Coflein, the on-line database of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. Click on this link for a pro-forma is available by clicking on this link; completed copies should be returned to John Crompton who will transcribe the records to Coflein with an acknowledgment to their author. Up-to-date reports on mills which already have Coflein entries, (coflein.gov.ukare also much appreciated.


The Society has recently taken into care several sets of wooden foundry patterns for waterwheels, originally from Cambrian Foundry, Newtown, which were being disposed of by National Museum Wales. These will be assessed and stored, and it is the Society’s intention to make them available, for a small charge, to anyone wishing to have the parts for a new wheel cast. The cost of new patterns is usually the most expensive part of commissioning new waterwheels. Click on this link for a list and drawings of the available patterns.