Mills Open

Mills open to visitors lists a selection of wind and watermills in Wales which open to the public either regularly or occasionally. Some of the mills listed are only open on National Mills Weekend, but others open on regular days each month.

Visiting the mills

Many of the mills listed open at fixed times. It is advisable to check opening arrangements if travelling far, as these may vary, or may need to be altered at short notice due to repairs, adverse weather conditions or availability of volunteers. Some mills may welcome parties, arrangements for these will always need to be made in advance.

Certain mills can only be visited by appointment, and visitors are asked to respect the owners’ wishes and write, telephone or email in advance before visiting.

Safety in mills.

Visitors should always be aware that mills are potentially dangerous places and that they enter at their own risk. Please be aware of safety guidelines at individual mills. Take particular care of the safety of small children by keeping them beside you and by being aware of overhead hazards when young children are carried.

Machinery, whether windmill sails, waterwheels, or any of the machinery inside the mill, may look fascinating but can cause serious or even fatal injury if touched or if standing too close. Machinery will continue to move even if something gets caught in it.

Keep hands, clothing and hair well clear of moving parts, and stay well behind any safety barriers.

Do not attempt to turn motionless machinery.

Never smoke in mills, and do not take dogs inside.