Welsh studies including references to Milling topics

Welsh studies including references to Milling topics

Beech, Gareth. An Introduction to Cider Making in Wales. Melin 23 (2007): 50-66.  An outline of the history of cider making in Wales, including description of the processes involved.

Chappell, Edgar L. Historic Melingriffith. Cardiff: Merton Priory Press, 1940; 2nd ed., intro. by Philip Riden, 1995. An account of Pentyrch Iron Works and Melingriffith Tinplate Works. Ch.2 includes 3pp on records of early corn mills in the area spanning C12 – C18.

Hughes, Stephen. Aspects of the Use of Water Power during the Industrial Revolution. Melin 4 (1988): 23-37.  A study of water power features in densely developed industrial areas in South Wales .

Jones, Robert F. Power in the middle reaches of the Vale of Teifi: a local history of water power. Melin 17 (2001): 30-74.  A study of the history and development of water power including descriptions of early hydro-electric power stations in the Vale of Teifi.

Jenkins, J Geraint. Slave Wales; The Welsh and Atlantic Slavery 1660-1850. Cardiff: UWP, 2010. 158pp. ISBN 9780708323038.[*] pp 46-54 covers the role of Welsh weavers, mainly in the Mid-Wales uplands, in producing cloth for use as barter goods in African slave markets, and for clothing slaves in the New World. Reviewed on www.gwales.com .

Parkinson, A. J. Listing – what it means and how it affects my mill. Melin 7 (1991): 27-37.  Explanation of the term ‘listing’ and the obligations and benefits for the owners of ‘listed’ mills; also includes a list of known listed mills [current in 1991] .

Tibbott, Minwel S. Bara Ceirch – y Bwyd a’r Crefft. Melin 4 (1988): 38-57.  Detailed historical account of the milling of oatmeal for human consumption in Wales, its importance and the preparation of oatcakes.